Commercial Window Film

Calgary Commercial Window Films

Calgary Commercial Window Films

There are many benefits window films can provide for a commercial business owner. The solutions we can offer utilizing our Calgary commercial window films are long-lasting. We have installed window films on countless Calgary businesses, and the feedback we get from our clients covers more than enhanced building aesthetics.

Is your commercial building a candidate for window film? Here’s five signs that say “Yes.”

01 Constant bird collisions

Glass windows, especially large expanses found in some commercial buildings, result in bird fatalities for several reasons. One of which is the mirror reflection tricks birds into thinking it’s an open space, and they fly at speed into the expanse of glass. A common recommendation for bird-watchers is the installation of commercial window film to minimize this glare and reflection. Also, we can offer a variety of bird-deterrent film solutions.

02 Discoloured office furniture

There is nothing worse looking than faded office furnishings. Fading happens over time when office furniture is positioned in direct sunlight. The replacement cost for a single, base-model ergonomic office chair can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses, so it makes sense to keep your office furniture protected from direct sunlight so your office furniture can look good for as long as possible. The installation of commercial window film is a worthwhile investment, well below ongoing budgeting for new office furniture.

We wrote in depth about why furniture fades and how to avoid it right here.

03 High energy bills

It requires energy to heat your commercial space and even more energy to cool it. These expenses can really bite into a business’s bottom line. If you have lots of windows, high summer temperatures can result in excessive heat and humidity, making your employees dependent on air-conditioning, and you’re stuck with the utility bill. I don’t need to explain what happens in the fall and winter months, when the heat leaks out your windows and, surprise, another high utility bill. Commercial window film acts as a layer of insulation, reducing your utility bills all year round.

Window films have specific qualities that make them perfect for winter heat retention. You can learn all about it right here.

04 Lack of privacy

Unlike curtains, blinds, or shade systems, window films adhere directly to the windows and do not obscure the occupants’ view from inside-out. Simultaneously, commercial window film lets natural light in and makes it difficult for onlookers to see inside your office building. This is a huge benefit, especially on windows that are at ground level. By bathing your space in beautiful natural light and then keeping in all of the radiant energy, you can retain heat in the winter months when you would normally be leaning on your HVAC system.

Privacy concerns are a big issue in modern business life, we wrote extensively on this topic right here.

05 Uncomfortable employees

Occupants who enjoy a regulated temperature and access to natural light sources will perform far better than those who work in less favourable conditions. Having commercial window film installed will keep you and your employees comfortable throughout the year. Employee retention should be at the front of mind when finding strong team members is costly and time-consuming.

Any questions about how else window film can benefit your business? Or maybe you’d like to get started on finding out which product is right for you? Just give us a shout. We’re always happy to chat.