Solutions: Privacy window film

Solutions: Privacy window film

Whether it’s nosy neighbours, a revealing front entryway, or a bathroom window that’s just a little too visible, privacy window film is an elegant way to make you more comfortable in your home.

Many Canadians find themselves living near their neighbours or in areas with lots of pedestrian activity. The exposure to these situations can make people feel like they are living in a fish-bowl. If this is the case for you, it is possible to reduce sight-lines into your home while maintaining your home’s aesthetic and beautiful views. Here is what we are asked about the most and how we go about increasing privacy.


Having an exterior view from your bathroom is very deluxe, but there are obvious privacy concerns. By controlling the amount of light that enters and leaves the room, we can help you control the level of privacy.

External Views

Canada is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking views, and the natural light brought in by large external windows helps homes feel open and bright. However, clear glass windows on the outside of your home give passersby as good a view inside as you get outside. Specialty glass windows can be prohibitively expensive, but fortunately, privacy window film can achieve the same results for a fraction of the cost.


Reducing the sight-lines within a home improves the privacy of bedrooms and bathrooms and can increase a home office’s productivity, all without sacrificing the beautiful natural light. Graphic films installed within homes are fully customizable to meet your requirements.

The way privacy window film technology selectively obscures visibility through glass is by controlling the amount of light that passes through. What allows outsiders a view inside your home is the light that escapes your house, so reducing the amount of light that exits your home can prevent outsiders from seeing in. Untreated glass lets about 80% of light pass through, but by reducing the visible light that escapes to 30%, you can make it impossible for someone on the street to see into your home. If your home is particularly close to the street or neighbours, we will have to reduce the escaping light even more. A custom solution can be created for your home can be easily calculated to ensure privacy.

It’s a natural fear that by increasing the privacy of your home, you harm the aesthetics or views (“if people can’t see in, how can I see out?”). However, recent technological innovations enable you to add privacy without altering your views and maintaining your house’s external appearance. We use modern privacy window films that are completely invisible, enable privacy, and protect our clients’ views. We are always happy to answer questions or give you a quote. Send us a message or give us a call.