Increase privacy & productivity

Window graphics and privacy window films solve many problems for office interior and exterior windows. Applications onto glass look sophisticated and attract attention. Additionally, these films provide shade and privacy to the workplace. Furthermore, custom image graphic films can be made-to-order to suit any decor or environment. Let Hi-Calibre Views create a custom window solution for your business.


Reversible & Double Sided Applications

Custom Made Images

The latest Digital UV Ink Cure Technology prints custom graphics directly to traditional vinyl. Additionally, newly introduced optically clear polyester window film allows for double-sided applications. Custom printed image graphics have come a long way.

Similarly, working with optically clear film has also been enhanced considerably by the addition of white ink. A base coat adds density when applying other colours. As a result, the image becomes realistic and vibrant. Also, double-sided reverse graphics images are now possible with this combination of white layering technology.

Using this new UV Ink technology, we can offer the latest eco-friendly products to help increase your office privacy and your employees’ productivity. The process for custom graphics is a painless one. Firstly, we assess your needs. Next, we will create a completely custom image solution for your space. The solution will fit your time frame and budget. Finally, the installation of the product will commence.

As always, you will experience the Hi-Calibre difference. Therefore, you can expect exceptional customer service, a high-quality product, and installs held to the highest standards.


Classic & Timeless Look

Graphic Films For Privacy

Frosted glass is a classic and timeless look that has become very popular. Until recently, etched glass has been the only way to achieve this look. However, graphic and decorative films are now the perfect solution. Also, clear frost film is a fraction of the cost of window etching, and clear frost window films add privacy as well as keeps natural light.

Graphic films are inexpensive and more visually appealing. Additionally, these films install easily. The film is applied directly to the existing glass. Therefore, there is no need for costly glass replacement. Graphics give you the attractive appearance of etched glass without the associated high costs.

Furthermore, the self-adhesive backing of our window films removes easily and leaves minimal adhesive. Therefore, you can change and replace your design without having to replace the entire window. Elegant, contemporary designs allow you to transform an ordinary glass panel into a stylish design statement that reflects your taste. Additionally, privacy and decorative films increase the productivity of your employees while increasing their privacy and discretion by obscuring sightlines.

Whether you desire solid frosting, geometric designs, or printed graphic films, Hi-Calibre Views can create a window solution for you. In short, decorative, privacy, and graphic films modernize a space while adding privacy.