Window Film Works 24/7/365

Window Film Works 24/7/365

Window film can improve the comfort of your home and your home energy savings all year round. Heating and cooling costs often amount to about a third of a home’s total energy consumption. That means utilities are usually the single largest source of energy consumption in a household both in the summer and the winter months, and installing window film can greatly reduce this financial burden. This is one of the most misunderstood benefits of window films; They are not just for reducing direct summer sunlight, window films do much, much more.

01 UV Radiation is a Year-Round Concern

One of the primary benefits of installing sun-blocking window film is the fact that it reduces over 99 percent of UV rays that enter your home. UV rays are a year-round risk for permanent fading and damage to your furnishings and risk of skin cancer. In fact the snow can magnify and intensify the effects of UV rays.

02 Heat Gain and Retention

Window film is a technologically advanced method of blocking heat in the summer, which gives your AC unit a break. The innovative design gives homeowners the best combination of outdoor visibility and energy savings.

Heat-reducing window film allows all the natural light to come through while blocking heat and infrared radiation that sunlight contains, so you can continue to enjoy your views and summer sun without unwanted heat gain.

03 Heat Loss and High Bills

It’s common knowledge that caulking and weather stripping make a huge difference for keeping a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Another solution to heat loss and energy savings is window tinting.

Heat is lost through the windows in winter through a process of convection. In simple terms, convection occurs when heat transfer happens between your glass and the cooler air. When the cold, outdoor air comes in contact with your window glass, the heat inside your home is transferred through the glass and lost into the outdoor air through convection. You’re paying to heat the outdoors.

Thermal window film is an insulating layer that greatly reduces this convection effect, keeping heat inside.

As you can see, home window tinting is an excellent way to improve the comfort of your home, preserve the items and furnishings inside your home and save on heating and cooling utility bills year round. Install window film the right way – ensuring the manufacturers’ warranty is valid by having the product installed by one of our trained technicians.

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