Keep Your Stuff Yours

Keep Your Stuff Yours

Your garage door is the undisputed favourite entry point for would be burglars. Small time thieves focus on making a quick buck by finding spare cash left in unlocked cars or by stealing small electronic devices that cannot be traces and are easily pawned for a fast return. Half of all crimes reported fall into this category, so it is best to find some simple solutions to secure your garage from break-ins to save you some headaches down the line.

01 Security lighting

The image above shows a great candidate for security lighting. A beautiful home that has a garage down a long driveway is an invitation to would-be thieves. Most of these lights are simple to attach and wire. After a quick calibration of the motion sensor, you can rest easy knowing that anyone who comes near your garage will find themselves in the spotlight. While this does not prevent entry, it does increase the chances of burglars being spotted.

02 Secure garage windows

In the past, the best option for securing your windows from a break in was to add bars or steel reinforced glass. These are both unsightly, expensive, and convey a sense of mistrust in your neighbourhood. To be a bit more subtle while securing your garage windows, you could opt for security window films. These films are manufactured in a way that makes it very difficult for a burglar to shatter and remove them, slowing them down so much that they deter the vast majority of thieves.

03 Frost and tint your windows

Most break-ins are planned with specific items or valuables in mind. A thief who gets tempted by items they can see from the road is much more dangerous than one who cannot peer inside at all. By preventing people from seeing what your garage contains by using privacy films, you reduce the chances of a garage break-in. This also provides the added benefits of increased privacy and reduced energy costs associated with window film installation. You can reduce fading on your vehicles and valuables while reducing heating costs, all while deterring would-be burglars.

04 Remove emergency release handle

According to Canadian Security Professionals, “one popular and easy way that burglars gain access to your garage is through the emergency release handle. They manipulate the lever with a simple wire coat hanger. In fact, this method can take as little as 6 seconds in some cases.”

You can prevent burglars from using this method by removing the cord that attaches to your emergency release handle. Then take a plastic zip tie or cable tie and insert it into the latch of the emergency release. This will then stop the latch from being opened.

05 2 notes on remote door openers

1: Outdated garage door openers used limited frequencies and channels to communicate. In some cases, entire brands used a single access channel. This means that if anyone has a device capable of reproducing the signal, your garage will open at the push of a button. Modern garage door openers are stronger and more secure, meaning they cannot be hijacked by such a simple workaround.

2: Put your remote door opening on your keychain instead of in your parked vehicle. Many people leave their garage remote on the visor of their vehicle. It is so common, in fact, that this is the first place the a burglar will check if they want to gain entry into your home. If you plan to leave your car in the driveway overnight, be sure it is locked and that your remote door opener is stored in a safe place.

Keeping your property safe is a top priority of homeowners. The tips above will help you deter criminals and keep your home safe. If you have any questions about how tips #2 and #3 can be applied to your home, give us a call or send us a message to learn how window films can be customized for you.