How Security Film Protects Your Family

How Security Film Protects Your Family

Imagine a hockey puck, flying from your neighbor’s driveway, towards your living room window while your child plays inside. The puck smashes the glass but the shards are held together and your child is unharmed.

Here is another scenario: You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone attempting to break into your home. However, after several unsuccessful attempts to break the glass, the burglar gives up and takes off.

The happy ending to both of these nightmarish scenarios are the result of Security Window Films. These films are used by homeowners and business owners alike to protect against window breakage, keeping their buildings secure and safe.

Other varieties of window films will help to hold broken glass together, but only Security Films are tested against specific security requirements. Security films are tested to the same standards as tempered and laminated glass. Reputable manufacturers have verified certifications for their products.

The first safety films were developed by the British government in the 1970s in a response to terrorist bombings throughout Europe. Modern homeowners and business owners are investing in security films to protect their families, belongings, and company asses in four ways:

Security Film will prevent the glass from shattering and reduce the chance of injury.


The biggest reason most people invest in security film is crime prevention. Untreated windows will shatter and give intruders access in as little as 5 seconds, while glass treated with high-quality window films can delay entry by nearly 2 and a half minutes. This valuable time can give occupants time to call police. Most “Break and Enter” crimes are opportunistic, meaning that the barrier provided by security films will likely be enough to deter the criminal altogether.

Extreme Weather

Properly treated windows are much more likely to resist breakage caused by strong winds and debris. However, even in the event of breakage or a blow-out, Security Film will prevent the glass from shattering and reduce the chance of injury.

Accidental Injury

Consider the “hockey puck” scenario discussed above. The nature of glass makes it vulnerable to accidental breakage. Shattered broken glass can send shards further than one may think and these shards can lodge themselves in carpets or furniture, waiting for their victim to step or sit down in the wrong place. Security Films minimize the risk by holding shards together, keeping you and your family safe.

Explosion Protection

Security Film is not a shield from explosions. However, many injuries and even deaths are caused by shrapnel of broken glass from nearby windows. According to the International Window Film Association, “…this potential risk is capable of being limited by the use of safety film.” For this reason, Security Films are popular with government agencies and large corporations. Homeowners that live near city centres or transportation hubs should also consider this benefit of Security Films.

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