how long will window film last

How Long Will Window Film Last?

How Long Will Window Film Last?

Window film can solve an array of issues for homeowners. From excessive heat gain and glare to energy savings and added security. However, people justifiably wonder, “How long will window film last and continue to maintain its performance?”

Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you select a quality, professionally installed window film from a reputable manufacturer, it will often come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home. The warranty covers issues from peeling and bubbling to cracking and demetallization. This means that you can experience the benefits of your home’s window film for decades!

If the film is installed in a commercial building, the manufacturer will cover the film for up to 15 years. Once again, it covers film defects and the installation. Residential and commercial warranties are registered directly with the manufacturer. So that means if Hi-Calibre Views relocates to balmy Bali, ‘no problemo!’ The manufacturer will contact the closest dealer to you to handle any warranty claim work.

Rest assured, reputable manufacturers will stand behind their warranties. We have replaced film in a couple of homes in the Calgary area at absolutely no cost to the homeowners. The manufacturer covered our costs to replace film that, after 25 years or so, had started to show minor deterioration.

New Home but Old Film?

Maybe you’ve purchased a home that already has a film on its windows. Feel free to give us a call to evaluate the film. There are many manufacturers out there, and some people may have even used a DIY product. So, it may be worth an evaluation. Also, keep in mind that film installed on windows that receive direct sunlight, such as skylights, may need to be replaced more frequently than other windows in a home.

Consult a Professional Installer

As professional film installers, we can provide you with valuable information on your window and film performance. Before investing in costly window treatments that obscure your view, contact us to see if your film may need to be replaced to achieve the performance you desire.