How commercial businesses use window film

How commercial businesses use window film

Window films are more than cosmetic enhancement. Business owners strategically use high-quality window film to save money and bring in more business. Learn how window film could benefit you right here.

Although many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their utility bills and enhance the appearance of their properties, not many of them realize that they can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by having high-quality commercial window film installed. Below are just a few ways in which this seemingly simple upgrade can provide a tremendous amount of benefit to virtually any type of business.

Keep Employees Safe and Comfortable

One of the main benefits that commercial solar film provides is that it prevents excessive sunlight and heat from entering business properties, which keeps workers comfortable. Another benefit of this product is that it helps reduce glare on computer screens. This further promotes employee comfort by helping to reduce instances of eye strain and headaches. Many commercial tinting products have been rated to protect employees and other building occupants in hurricanes and tornadoes because they can help prevent shards of glass from spreading throughout a building.

Reduce Energy Bills

Although businesses with more than 100 square feet of storefront glass will save as much as one ton of air conditioning per year when all of their windows are treated, this does not mean that smaller businesses won’t benefit from doing this. Once the film has been installed on business property, the load placed on its existing HVAC systems will be reduced, reducing expenses and increasing their lifespan tremendously. Additionally, tinting the ‘hotspot’ windows will help balance interior temperatures and contribute to a more comfortable workspace.

Enhancing Privacy and Preventing Crime

When dark or reflective films are used, they prevent outsiders from seeing into a building, which enhances privacy and can also prevent confidential information from being seen by unauthorized persons. It can also prevent opportunistic crimes such as smash and grab events from taking place because most criminals are looking for quick and easy targets and not those where they will have to repeatedly apply force to a window to gain access. Many businesses that have fallen prey to graffiti being sprayed on their windows have saved money by only replacing the film and not the entire window each time it occurs. To learn more about anti-graffiti films, click here.

Decorative Window Treatments

Many businesses change the advertising on their windows each season or to commemorate other special events such as public holidays. In the past, it would have been necessary to either paint the advertising on the windows or etch branding into the glass itself – both methods are costly to remove in the long run. Decorative window films, however, can be applied and removed easily. They are also far more affordable to create than other forms of window-based advertising, making them the perfect option for businesses that need to advertise in an economically efficient manner.

When the right window film is correctly installed, it can provide sun protection for many years. Business owners who are interested in finding out more about the various forms of commercial films that are available should not hesitate to contact our team today.