Revera Retirement Residence

Client comfort and health are top priorities for the good people that operate Revera Retirement residence in Okotoks. That’s why they called us in to help solve the unbearable heat their residents were suffering while trying to enjoy their meals in the common dining room and social area. They have such a beautiful view of nature through the windows in their dining room. It’s often seasoned with passing wildlife such as mule deer. In the past, they often missed the opportunity to enjoy such scenery because they had to hide behind obtrusive blinds. Now, thanks to the Hüper Optik Fusion series of film, the delicious flavours from their head chef are enhanced by the more comfortable environment served up by the heat and glare control they now enjoy.

Client Revera Retirement Residence

Film Type Fusion Series for Glare and Heat control

BrandHüper Optik