Exterior Privacy Film

Although we typically install our Industry Leading window films to the inside face of your windows, there are times when circumstances require us to use an exterior solar film. This was the case with our executive client’s home pictured here. Glare and heat were the issues they faced. After a personal assessment of their glazing, we determined that Avery Dennison Hanita was the best solution. No one in the industry has a better warranty backed exterior film product than Avery Dennison Hanita. Avery Dennison Hanita specializes in the development and conversion of coated, laminated and metallized films for a range of industrial and commercial applications. We proudly use Avery Dennison Hanita exterior films when the need for this kind of application presents itself. It’s just one example of how we rise to the occasion and provide window film solutions for clients when other companies claim it can’t be done or they are not able to provide an effective solution. As evidence of our confidence in Avery Dennison Hanita, we were the first company in Alberta to become Industry Certified in the use of Hanita’s SolarZoneXTRM films.

Client Issue Excess Heat & Glare

Film TypeSolar | Privacy