Ceramic Window Film & its Benefits

Ceramic Window Film & its Benefits

Ceramic Window Film is more than just aesthetics

The benefits of Ceramic window film go above and beyond superficial cosmetic enhancement. Window film can protect your family, your valuables and save you real money. Huper Optik patented the world’s first multi layer ceramic window film back in 1998. We are your exclusive Huper Optik dealer for the Calgary area. Here’s how ceramic window film can improve your home:

01 Added privacy

The increase in privacy that ceramic window film offers is beneficial for keeping the eyes of your nosey neighbors out, and more importantly will keep your activity and possessions private from any burglar who happens to be casing the area. So, if you live in an area with heavy foot traffic, or if some of your exterior windows are particularly vulnerable to wandering eyes, ceramic window film is a simple and cost-effective way to solve your problems. Learn more…

02 Reduces heat and glare

Ceramic film by Huper Optik improves the comfort of your home by reducing the overall temperature. Also, it eliminates uncomfortable hot spots near windows and reduces annoying glare on your TV or computer screen. So, your home will remain noticeably cooler, which will reduce your dependence on a/c and the related financial and environmental impact of running your air-conditioning during those hot summer months.

03 For interior protection

Long-term exposure to solar heat and UV rays will damage your valuables and furnishings. Sunlight will fade anything in its path and degrades the life of carpeting, wall coverings, drapes and even precious art and family heirlooms. The sun’s UV rays affect all surfaces, and can cause plastic and wood to crack and peel. However, window film blocks over 99% of these harmful rays, protecting your furnishings and saving you money on repair or replacement costs.

04 For added safety and protection

The adhesive on professionally installed window film can prevent shattered glass, and protect your family from injuries. Unexpected weather, sudden storms, a wayward tree branch or baseball, or even an earthquake can be the cause of shattered and broken windows. However, ceramic window film will work to hold the parts of your window together. Shattered glass is extremely sharp and dangerous; so mitigate this risk by installing window films. Learn more…

05 For skin and health protection

Simply being inside behind glass and out of the direct rays of the sun will not eliminate the harm caused by UV rays. Interestingly, even LowE window glass allows cancer-causing UV rays into your home. However, the installation of commercial window tint will filter out over 99% of harmful UV rays and is an investment in your health. UV rays damage your skin in the same way that they damage your home’s interior furnishings. So use window film to keep the occupants of your home safe from the sun’s rays. Learn more…

Huper Optik’s ceramic window film is a great value when you consider that it protects your home and valuables, enhances the appearance of your home and saves you money on energy costs. Contact us today for a free quote.