DIY window tint

Can I Tint My Windows Myself?

Can I Tint My Windows Myself?

Homeowners experiencing excessive heat gain and annoying glare shining through their homes’ windows often consider window film an obvious solution. “Can I tint my windows myself?” Well, the decision to hire a professional or install the window film themselves leaves some homeowners feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Window film is available at most home improvement stores and even through online retailers. And while it’s true that someone with average “handyman” skills can often complete an installation themselves, saving some money in the process, there are many other important factors to consider.  

Glass Type

Not all windows and window glass are the same. There are insulated glass units, argon gas filled units, Low-E coatings, reflective coatings, and spectrally selective coatings.

It is important to select a film that will work with specific window types. If the incorrect film is installed, the window can be damaged and potentially cause glass breakage and or seal failure in multi-pane window units. This can result in the costly replacement of the entire window. Most DIYers have neither the experience nor the access to information necessary to appropriately select the correct film for their glass type.

Did you know: by having a professional install your window film, you will be covered for a minimum of 5 years against thermal glass breakage and seal failure?

Window Film Quality

Home improvement stores often sell the most affordable versions of window films available on the market, resulting in a selection of low-quality products. When you call a film professional for an estimate, you’ll learn that most reputable installers have strong relationships with a manufacturer of the highest-quality window films available. Professional installers will also offer a much wider selection of shades, colours and film types.

The window films shown to you by the pros will carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty, protecting you from film failures. Purchase and install window film yourself and at best, you may only be covered for the film’s cost should a product defect occur.

All of the residential solar films we carry at Hi-Calibre Views come with a standard no-charge lifetime warranty on the film and installation

Installation Skills

Like most skilled trades, professionally installed window film looks better, lasts longer and performs as intended on the glass surface to which it’s applied. Professional installers also invest in quality installation tools to ensure the best installation possible. Most DIY homeowners are not willing to invest in high-quality installation tools, which is often reflected in the installation’s quality.

Locate a professional window film installer using the Tekton Dealer Locater. If you’re in the Calgary area, look no further than your local IWFA Master Accredited installation team at Hi-Calibre Views.