Calgary Residential Window Tint

Calgary Residential Window Tint

Whether they realize it or not, Calgary homeowners regularly seek the benefits of professional residential window tint. Closing the blinds during a sunny day to prevent glare, UV exposure, or heat and turning down the air conditioner on a hot day to reduce energy expenses are both situations that could be fixed by window film.

Calgary Residential window tint offers a wide range of benefits, including the aforementioned protection from glare, UV exposure, excessive heat and energy savings. At Hi-Calibre Views we are able to match each client with the best film to address their needs. In addition to the aesthetic upgrade, window film provides these sought-after benefits:

01 Energy Savings

Regular untreated windows give the sun complete control over the temperature of your home. Sunny days can create hotspots in your home that are uncomfortable and require huge amounts of energy to fix. The simple addition of solar window film gives you back control over your home’s temperature, which will be reflected by a decrease of energy expenses of up to 30%.

02 Consistent Climate

One of the main problems with excess solar heat is the inconsistency. On sunny days certain rooms – even certain areas of rooms – will become like greenhouses, while others will remain cool. Window film helps you create an even temperature throughout your home, which will not only make you far more comfortable, but also lighten the load on your HVAC system.

03 Minimized Glare

Glare interrupts our ability to comfortably work on the computer, read a book, enjoy television, and engage in other household tasks. Window tint reflects glare away from the home so you can enjoy yourself and be more productive.

04 Solar Protection

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the leading cause of non-melanoma skin cancers, and significantly contributes to cases of melanoma. Window tint will help you and your family stay safe in your home by rejecting 99% of harmful UV rays.

05 Enhanced Security

With over 500 burglaries per 100,000 people (The Conference Board of Canada) staying safe in your home is a top priority. Most burglaries begin with forced entry, so it makes sense to reinforce the most vulnerable areas of your home. Window film, especially specially designed security films, act as powerful deterrents to would-be burglars. Films hold broken glass together, making it extremely difficult for anyone to gain access to your home through a window.

06 Added Safety

Windows can break for a variety of reasons – attempted burglary, extreme weather, or a mis-fired hockey puck. Window films hold broken shards together, meaning that a broken window won’t shatter and spread across the room. This feature of window film is an important factor in keeping your family safe.

07 Ease of Maintenance

Window film is water and scratch resistant, making maintenance a breeze. Different types of film often require different cleaning methods and agents, so if you are unsure about anything just ask.

08 Increased Privacy

The views that our windows give us of the outside world are what we love most about them, however this aspect is tainted when those same windows afford strangers a view into your home. Privacy enhancing window film is dedicated to making you feel safer and more comfortable in your home by preventing outsiders from seeing in.

09 Curb Appeal

During a period of home improvement, or when embarking on a new build, window film should certainly be a subject of conversation. Window films dramatically increase the performance of your home, and the sleek look they create are key for increasing curb appeal.