Benefits of Home Tinting

Benefits of Home Tinting

Popular architectural magazines often feature homes with a lot of windows . We are lucky to live in beautiful Okotoks, AB, where the view in every direction is truly stunning. However, what about the downside to all those windows? Especially in newer build homes, where small lot size means you can practically lean out your large bay window and high five your next door neighbour.

There’s a solution to the issue of privacy, as well as other problems that come with having lots of windows, tinted window film. Here are some features of tinted window film from the home owner’s perspective based on decades of feedback from our clients.

01 Saving the Family from UV Rays

Most of us believe we’re out of danger when we escape the outdoor sunlight by coming indoors. However, UV rays from the sun pour in through unprotected windows, and will cause damage your skin, as well as fade family heirlooms, treasured possessions, furnishings, carpets and more.

Applying professional tint to your windows prevents up to 90% of the UV rays from getting inside, protecting your skin and furnishings from permanent sun damage.

02 Temperature Control in All Seasons

Professionally applied window tint significantly reduces how hot your house gets in the summer. It all but eliminates the discomfort of glare and hot spots, making your home cooler and more comfortable, all without the expense and environmental impact of air conditioning.

In winter, tint on windows act as a layer of insulation—trapping warm air inside your house. This will reduce your heating costs and save you money on your power bills.

03 Privacy & Security

Window tint comes in a variety of shades, and all have a benefit of allowing natural light to enter, but making it hard to see in from outside. Prevent potential burglars from seeing your valuables, and maintain your privacy from neighbours by darkening the windows with window tint. Some forms of window tint are shatter resistant, and will prevent breakage whether intentional or by accident.

04 Superior Look & Style

Tinted windows add perceived value and class to virtually any style of home. Given the range of shades, styles and colours, you can personalise your home and improve the aesthetic appearance.

If you ever decide to put your home on the market, a tinted windows feature can translate into value and appeal to potential buyers.

Ask us how window film can be used to improve your home and your life.