5 Reasons To Try Frosted Windows

5 Reasons To Try Frosted Windows

With limitless design potential, custom frosted window film can be the home upgrade you are looking for. These films will help you take advantage of the bright sun and add unique style to your home.

Frosted window films allow you to enjoy natural light without sacrificing privacy and security. These films are ideal for street-facing rooms or can be used indoors to help divide spaces and create privacy. Here are 5 reasons why frosted window films are the ideal way to revamp your home.

01 A simple, elegant alternative to blinds or curtains

Choosing fabrics and styles, obtaining correct measurements, and setting up installation dates for blinds or curtains is time consuming and frustrating. On the other hand, custom designed and cut window film makes any room look bigger and brighter, while enabling you to add your own flair. Our highly trained installers will help you every step of the way to make sure that your result is beautiful and flawless.

02 Obtain privacy without giving up natural light

Blinds may give you the privacy you desire, but they will block the natural light from entering your home. Frosted films allow your rooms to be bathed in the natural light that we all love, while keeping you safe from wandering eyes or nosy neighbours. A large-scale pattern applied to the bottom half of your windows will enable the maximum amount of light to flood in.

03 Modern designs are beautiful

We partner with industry leading film suppliers that offer a nearly infinite variety when it comes to patterns, textures, and colours. When you work with Hi Calibre Views, you are guaranteed to be receiving the best quality products, and our industry-leading design team mean that your windows will be stunning.

04 Window film is quick and inexpensive

Window film is one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade the aesthetics and performance characteristics of a building. Prices vary based on the dimensions of your windows. You are free to choose from traditional or modern designs, and window film can easily be removed and reapplied if your style changes.

05 Bathrooms and shower screens

Window films were invented for the military. While the aesthetics of window film have changed over time, there has always been a pedigree of durability and toughness. Window film is suitable for application in damp and high-traffic areas, such as bathroom windows. Window film can be used to add privacy and style to a glass shower screen, making you more comfortable and improving the look of your bathroom.

Frosted window films give you the freedom to add performance and style to your home. These films will give you the privacy that you need to feel comfortable in your home. With these films, any staring neighbours will only be checking out the beautiful designs. For a free quote, or to ask any questions, just give us a call or send us a message.