Residential Privacy Window Films

A Modern Alternative to Traditional Window Coverings

Privacy Control and Decorative Window Films are modern, money-smart alternatives to typical window coverings. Unlike shades, drapes, or sheers, they don’t block natural light or hide window frames. Instead, privacy films let loads of beautiful sunlight in, while keeping prying eyes out. They are available in a broad selection of designer looks, including several styles that mimic expensive specialty glass. Explore your options to find the window film that’s an ideal complement to your home, your windows, and your life.

Why Do our customers
Choose privacy films?

Adding personal style while protecting privacy



Our customers often want to reduce sight lines in their home to increase productivity in their home office. Graphic films do this with style compared to room dividers.



Showers, tubs, and chamber areas with exterior views are very luxurious, but they also impede privacy. Semi-transparent privacy films keep the light in, but prying eyes out.


Cost Effective

Covering a home in traditional drapes and sheers can get extremely costly. Privacy films mimic expensive specialty glass for a fraction of the cost of window treatments.

A variety of
privacy options

Full time privacy can be achieved by having a frosted window film applied to your glass. It will totally obscure vision through the window, but will still allow light to pass through.

Alternatively, you can have one-way daytime privacy by having a reflective or tinted window film applied to your glass. This type of window film works by reflecting light, so during the day, it will give a mirrored or tinted appearance to the outside while still allowing clear vision from the inside looking out.

Frosted privacy window film is also available in a wide range of patterns and designs, with custom graphic film printing available upon request.


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